The Sugar and I Story

Sugar and I SS14 Cake Bakery Shopfront
Our Origins

It all started in a family kitchen in SS19, Subang Jaya. Ilisa, our founder, fell in love with baking at a very young age. She loved the creativity, the warmth, the art, and the science of baking. Most of all, she loved how her baking brought happiness to the people who enjoyed her creations.

She baked to give, creating cakes, cookies, and brownies to delight family and friends, and to serve guests during the Raya festive season. And then, a wonderful thing happened. People began requesting that she bake treats for them to give to other people in their lives…and as the number of orders grew, so
did the circle of happiness, passed along from person to person in the form of Ilisa’s creations.

Right then, Ilisa knew this was her calling. She was going to spread happiness through baking – and she was going to do it right from her hometown of Subang Jaya.

Sugar and I is Born

Ilisa went to college and got a degree in Econometrics from Monash University, all the while baking on the side, during her free time. Once she graduated, she decided it was now or never, and Sugar and I was born. (Fun fact – the shortened form of the name Sugar and I, SNI, spells out Ilisa’s initials)!

Owning and scaling up a business is no small feat, though, and she couldn’t do it alone. Her brother, Ilyas, decided to step up to help her. Although he had a cushy corporate Engineering job at the time, he’d always had an entrepreneurial streak, and knew his skills in digital marketing and business management would be crucial in making his sister’s dream come true.

Together, they are a force to be reckoned with. In a few short months, they’ve grown their team (us!), sourced a brick-and-mortar central bakery and store in SS14, Subang Jaya, and are all set to live their dream of “Delivering Happiness” throughout the community!

Looking Forward

With the opening of our store in SS14, Sugar and I fans can expect more happiness in the form of new product ranges (pavlovas, anyone?) on top of the tried-and-true favourite cakes, cookies, and brownies. We are also taking our gourmet designer cakes to the next level with fully customizable cakes and our Rent-A-Cake service, a novel concept that is guaranteed to put the “art” in any party! Lastly, we’re spreading the love by holding baking and cake decorating workshops, so that everyone can bake at home and be a source of happiness to the people in their lives too!

Come along for the ride:
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Check out our full product range here (warning: may induce severe cravings).

Attend one of our workshops – we teach you all our sugary secrets, so you can bake like a bawse! (COMING SOON)

Read our blog for our insider baking tips & tricks, original recipes, and latest announcements!

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